Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My dad was a newscaster for WWJ TV and Radio when I was growing up in the Midwest during the 1950’s and 1960’s and photography was his hobby. A few months ago I was looking at our family photos, which consist of approximately 1,200 slides, and decided to start designing vintage photo greeting cards. In these slides, there are photos of my dad on the set with Clark Gable and Yvonne Dicarlo filming Band of Angels in 1957 (which are really interesting because of the old cameras they used), but most of them are of my family. My first idea was to design, print, and sell the cards myself which proved to be too expensive. Therefore, the plan transitioned into attempting to license the photos individually to greeting card companies. I was successful in licensing one image to Design Design, Inc. (I wrote the verse and they designed the card, which is a picture of me when I was four.)

During the past week I have realized, however, that my dad’s photos truly depict a pictorial essay of a typical 1950’s/1960’s childhood that captures an era in time. I am convinced that these photos should remain together. My father was a great photographer and the pictures tell the story and convey the essence of the era. Therefore, I've decided that I will try to manufacture the cards myself and license the images to other companies...so, if anyone out there is interested, email me at prittiehartpress@gmail.com .

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