Monday, March 29, 2010


that wholesome, clean, and All American is not considered "in" nowadays...and therein lies my problem. After viewing the semi-finalists of the Trendys Awards, where 30% of the winners consist of cards designed with humor that I find objectionable and in poor taste, I've decided that I truly am a dinosaur from another era. I find it hard and sad to believe that this is what America has become. When my daughter was little and my mother came to visit, I'm the mom who refused to let her mom watch anything on TV besides Sesame Street and the Shopping Channel because that's all I thought was appropriate:) I'm the mom who stood up with her reluctant (to say the least) 7 year old daughter and walked out of the Richie Rich movie because of the violence. And when I happened to meet the REAL Richie Rich (a super nice man) who came to my house in November to film a commercial, I told him that his name sounded familiar...and then remembered why and proceeded to tell him--probably not too cool :) I'm the mom who embarrassed her preteen daughter by asking the manager of our local grocery store to please remove a magazine with an objectionable cover to a different place on the rack where it wouldn't be visible to children. I'm the mom who wrote to a bathing suit manufacturer to complain about the provocative swimwear they were designing for preteens. When my barely teenage daughter wanted to watch Pretty Woman, I'm the mom who fast-forwarded through that movie (only showing the appropriate parts) so quickly it was the shortest movie my daughter had ever seen :) Yes, I was and am that mom. And now, my daughter tells me how sad it is that these young kids nowadays dress the way they do and how the movie ratings have changed to allow more sex and violence into PG 13 movies.

So, if you're wondering what that long diatribe means, it's just a reinforcement of the description of myself at the beginning of this blog...I am a nerd and a dinosaur :)

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