Sunday, January 31, 2010


Actually, there's nothing wrong with stock photo agencies...I just have a problem with having no control over what the images are used for. This is my family and they mean a lot to me and, as I said before, my morals will probably be the death of my company.

Anyway, here are the family votes:

1. MOM - Didn't ask her - When I mentioned that the one image that I had licensed to Design Design Inc., which is a picture of me when I was 4 and was designed into a Happy Birthday Mom card and the verse says "I'm still trying to be just like you," was going on sale this month and would be on the store shelves, she said "Which one is that?" Now, in all fairness to Mom, I have been giving her a lot of info over the past several months and it's hard to keep track of, even for me :)

2. BRO #1: Didn't ask him either - He doesn't own (and never will) a computer and has no clue what I am doing.

3. SELF: : No because you lose control over the images.

4. ONLY SIS: Sure, why not? No one will know it's us anyway!

5. BRO #2: Didn't ask him either - He's a great cheerleader for PrittieHartPress but I think he'd vote like Only Sis.

So...the votes are in and I've decided not to go with a stock photo agency at this time. Did you happen to notice that this really isn't a democracy considering I actually only asked one person in my family besides myself what they thought and then when Only Sis disagreed, my vote overruled hers? Kind of reminds me of when we were kids :)


  1. Too soon to "sell out" Tracey. Keep the faith and you will get what you want!

  2. Thanks, Kendall...I appreciate the vote of confidence!

  3. I think you were right NOT to sell your images to a stock agency. Seems to me that they get almost all the profit & you are practically giving away your talent. Your photos are fab - keep holding on. You will find success with them (your cards rock)!

  4. Tracey: follow your passion. The only career advice Dad gave me was "find something you enjoy doing and the money will follow". Unfortunately, I never took the advice. I will be 50 this year and you continue to inspire me to search out my passion.

    Bro #2