Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since you’re in the greeting card business, learn how to:

1. Put the stupid card stock in your printer so you don’t have cards that consist of just two pieces of paper folded together.

2. Learn how to resize images without totally disfiguring the person.

3. Learn how to use Photoshop instead of a greeting card program with a little dog who wags his tail when you get things right. (Just kidding…this is the program my partner uses and I’m actually one step above her in terms of graphic design.) :)

4. Quit being stubborn and get a “real” website instead of the dorky one you designed.

5. You’re smart! You know you need a business plan instead of just plodding along doing whatever you feel like doing that day. Develop one!!!!

6. Quit Tweeting. You are the most boring Tweeter around even though you have over 500 followers. They’re just too lazy to “unfollow” you.

7. Keep blogging. Even though you have only 12 followers (and probably half of these are family members and don’t read it anyway), it’s kind of fun.

8. Most people would come up with 10 resolutions, but then again, you're not most people so you should stop right here :)

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