Friday, December 3, 2010


1. My 84-year-old mother just informed me that she’s sending me an e-card for my birthday. I replied “Mom! I’m in the greeting card business and you need to support us!” Then, when I asked her if she wanted to see my greeting card online (the only one that actually matters lately-the Hallmark winner with a picture of her on the front), she asked “What card?” (Note to Self: Cut her some slack because you are 29 years younger than she is and you thought today was Wednesday instead of Friday.)

2. Since Bro #1 doesn’t (and never will) own a computer and I have to email him via his boss, he told me not to send him any more cards because every time I send him a card, his boss calls him off a job to come look at it. (I think his boss is a better cheerleader than he is!)

3. Whenever I send a card to Only Sis, she just says the same thing each time... “very cute!” It’s like when I get “forwards,” I always respond “very cute!” which means I haven’t actually looked at it. Shhh…don't tell anyone :) I think I’ll test her next time and send something really awful and then I’ll know if she even looks!

4. Bro #2 doesn’t respond. If there isn’t a question involved (and sometimes even if there is), he doesn’t see a need. It’s kind of like talking to him on the phone…one time I told him that I wasn’t paying long distance just to hear him breathe :)
I think I'm just having a "bad hair day" because, in all honesty, my family has been extremely supportive of me in this endeavor...thanks Mom, Bro #1, Only Sis and Bro #2!

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