Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yep...that was my exciting day. Well, I actually did a little more than that. I applied for a Seller's Permit with the State of California which, after the governor's statement today that he may just shut down the state government, might be a moot point. Then I actually designed three cards and gave up on the fourth one because I ended up flattening everyone like a pancake and couldn't figure out how to fix I scrapped that one.

Since I didn't accomplish too much today, I actually made a list of everything I need to do which, oddly, makes me feel better!!

1. Finish designing (if you want to call it that) about 30 cards.
2. Work on my PowerPoint presentation that I will be sending to some major corporations.
3. Do the paperwork that those corporations require in order to submit my business proposal.
4. Work on my other marketing ideas because what good are these cards going to do me if I don't advertise?
5. Figure out what good this blog does besides giving me something else I have to keep up with.

I think that's it but I can't remember.

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