Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, it was an interesting day today taking my cards out to various stores. These are the reactions I received:

1. A small AIM store..."No, we already have too many cards." (He didn't even look at them).

2. Another small AIM store...super nice young guy in his 20's who had lots of advice for me and said that after I designed 8 more cards that he would carry them on consignment. He actually never looked at the cards either but said that he always wants to help people get started in business. However, my problem is not designing more cards, it's investing another $2,000 into printing costs. He also told me that at this point, I shouldn't be looking so much toward profit, but exposure...which makes sense but you have to be able to afford to do that financially.

3. A small clothing store in Town Centre...the owner was a total "witch with an attitude" and asked me to come back when I had 50-100 cards designed and next time to make an appointment. (Whatever happened to just walking into a store and talking to the owner as long as they're not busy?) Which brings me to...

4. Craig and Karen at Pix & Dubs in Laguna Niguel...a really nice couple who actually looked at the cards and gave me lots of advice and even said that they would carry them on consignment. They are the nicest of the small business owners that I met today, followed by #2 above. #1 and #3 made me wonder how on earth they stay in business.

After all my marketing research, I really think that the absolutely best way to market these cards is for one of the major corporations that I approached to carry them exclusively. I really hope I hear from them soon (one in particular who I would really like to be associated with because I think it's a great fit).

Well, I'm not giving up and I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I think I'll try those tomorrow.

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