Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Pretty cool, huh? It kind of makes everything seem so official, if you know what I mean. It's exciting and it's sad in a way because I wish my dad was around to see his picture being professionally published on a greeting card. He would have loved the technology today, too. I can just imagine him sitting there with all his slides and spending hours and hours tweaking them with Photoshop.

I have spent the past week submitting the photos to various greeting card publishers and received the fastest rejection ever today. Within 30 minutes there was an email in my inbox but I don't feel too badly because they said they weren't accepting ANY submissions. I have been procrastinating creating a Facebook account but I think it's time...then on to Twitter which I hope I NEVER have to do! I am still hoping for one of the two major companies to come through with an exclusive so that I won't have to Twitter. Why can't we do business the old-fashioned way like the image I am going to post in the next blog???

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