Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, today I finally heard back from one of the three companies I sent PowerPoint presentations to where I proposed an agreement whereby they would be the exclusive carrier of my cards. It was, unfortunately, a rejection letter...and a form letter at that. At least they gave me the courtesy of sending back my CD, even though I can't use it for anyone else :) The way I look at it is that I still have a 66% or so chance of succeeding since I haven't heard back from the other two companies and I assume they would at least send me a rejection letter if they're not interested.

Anyway, I had a new marketing idea today and I did a lot of research this afternoon. I identified some exclusive children's clothing boutiques and I thought since mothers usually take their kids clothes shopping and my cards are really family-oriented, what a perfect venue this would be. Instead of driving around to a lot of shops haphazardly, I am going to mail four samples of my cards to each of these places. It's really hard to find out the name of the person you should send something to at these corporations and I just feel like putting the company name and address and writing "Attention: Head Honcho" but I don't know if they would think it was funny :)

That's it for today...

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