Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On my "to do" list was to check out a website where you can use your photos and have them made into T-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. so this morning I did a VERY little research (like 3 seconds worth). All I did was type in the website address and immediately on the first page were objectionable photos and language so I just got out of there. The whole site (well, the first and only page I looked at) just really turned me off and I wouldn't want to be associated with them. The good part was that I got to cross something off my "to do" list after 3 seconds :)

The rest of the morning was spent submitting my cards and images to a greeting card company based in New York. I should hear back from them pretty soon after sending them 20 emails...if anything, they'll write to me to tell me to stop sending them emails. Several months ago I sent out about 100 resumes to individual realtors at one real estate company and the receptionist actually called to tell me not to send any additional resumes...she commended me on my persistence but said she didn't have time to deliver them to everyone. However, my plan kind of worked (I got a call from a realtor) but kind of didn't (I didn't actually get a job).

Back to work...

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